Member Meeting 13 December 2020


  • CoffeeIV
  • IoT Resistor
  • Font
  • Rick
  • Trowles
  • Cesar
  • Reynolds
  • Albatross Hotel


IoT Resistor demos sketchup of room layout, for general consumption, not a concrete proposal; no sofas, cafe / coworking layout

Reynolds talks about classes and supporting them, his network of pilots / EAA contacts; review of classes

Build ADSB portable navigation gadget

Reynolds shows schematic of proposed layout of "underworld" downstairs, using shelves to partition space, students on folding tables that have polycarbonate partitions if necessary due to COVID, power drop down from the ceiling on retractable cord

IoT Resistor / Albatross discuss making this a formal proposal

Albatross and Reynolds will work together on a sketchup and more formal proposal

Reynolds emphasizes downstairs needs to be clean / neat / inviting

Albatross: Further steps for downstairs -- to make it useful -- we need quality workbenches, better than folding table.

Pine 2x4 tables, good melamine tops, using solid core doors from Habitat Restore, on castors

Need to have mechanical assembly and a woodworking bench

IoT Resistor: I want help setting up homepage, voting, blog, other digital infrastructure on the new servers we bought

Formal motion to move shelves as Reynolds suggests, by Font, Seconded by CoffeeIV, 6 yeas 2 people zoned out

Some discussion of not breaking up the space into small partitions so people don't congregate, because of COVID to encourage spreading out.

Rick: suggesting that all of his put up a blurb up about what they are good at. Mention of finger server.

Reynolds polls room for input on downstairs

Albatross talks about emergent design vs. intentional design, we should be intentionally designing right now instead of just letting things evolve.

Vote to move forward with further developing Reynold's proposal for the underworld / downstairs

Discussion of disposing of carpet -- general agreement it is not useful.

Discussion of avoiding accumulating junk like the old printer, dis-assembled grills, etc. Let's keep our stuff useful and high quality.

Albatross: we should have decent speakers for the upstairs and downstairs, to distract from thumping bass coming through from next door. Cesar volunteers to locate some used ones, we would have one media server to play over them.

Reynolds: Review of potential classes:

  • CAD - difficulties getting instructor
  • Basic Electronics class - have volunteer and basic syllabus
  • Stratux build
  • Market question from Albatross - do we have enough of a market for the students ?

Discusion veers off track into quality of various proposed classes.