Member Meeting 20 December 2020


  • Pick a date for a shelf-moving work day or multiple sessions
  • Pick next meeting - avoid conflicting with Flight meetup ?


  • CoffeeIV
  • Trowles
  • Reynolds
  • Font
  • Rick
  • T. Trout

There is a flight meetup being hosted by Reynolds on zoom next Dec 27th at 7pm; rather than squeeze the next meeting around that, we agreed unanimously to meet on Jan 3d 6 pm, as not much will be happening over the Holidays.

We will meet next Saturday the 26th at 1pm for a small work session re-arranging shelving downstairs.

T. Trout asks the group for some advice related to real estate matters.

Trowles: We should have a better property / labeling policy, that covers the default policy of something abandoned. Trout: I'd like to lend stuff to the Hackerspace and keep ownership. General conclusion: we should write up a better policy and propose / vote it into our policies.

Font: I am moving to Houston tomorrow, I'll be visiting back on a regular basis til I get more steady job.

Reynolds: We should get a better bathroom vent. CoffeeIV: I might have an old one.

Reynolds: can we move the 3D printers downstairs on Saturday too ? Conclusion: if we have time we'll get to it

Trout: Show and tell -- check out this huge alternator off a Dodge Ram that can also work as a electric motor, I'm going to make my van a hybrid and use this for regen braking and super low granny gear for off road.