Member Meeting 22 November 2020

This was the first "official" member meeting -- note it was not announced to everyone interested in time.


  • Icarus
  • Bowles
  • Thelonius Trout
  • IoT Resistor
  • Albatross H.
  • CoffeeIV (taking minutes)
  • Gunnar (arrived 6:33 pm)


  • Proposal Formats - Albatross
  • Voting mechanism - closed/open decision
  • Gitlab Process Review (limited to 5min)
  • Accounting Process Review ( limited to 3 min)
  • Decision on when next meeting is

Albatross presented his proposal forms / templates and the group reviewed them. Unianimous assent that these were good and should be used.

Discussion of voting as an obligation and problems having members who don't participate. Bowles: how do we tell when a project crosses over from a personal to group project ? ( in reference to the proposal templates ) Projects like the Flight Sim need a "cheat sheet" so that anyone can use them to demo to potential new peopl

6:30 pm: move to discussion Voting process Unanimous decision that secret ballot via Heilos is preferable to just voting on the mailing list.

Gitlab process review: CoffeeIV gives brief overview, T. Trout offers that he tested it and it was easy General agreement that policies and other documents should be in gitlab as much as possible, unanimous vote taken to affirm

Agreement to use a proposal to move the 3D Printers downstairs as a test of the gitlab merge request / helios voting process

Next meeting scheduled for following Sunday at 6pm.

General Discussion post-agenda:

  • We should create an IRC channel on freenode, that's how other hackerspaces will find us to a certain extent
  • Discussion of self hosted chat / IRC servers, fruityX / teleIRC the telegrame to IRC bridge

Some commitments for the next meeting:

  • CoffeeIV to set up first test proposal
  • Albatross: a "member journey" document
  • T. Trout: a recommendation for an oscilloscope purchase
  • IoT Resistor: a member blog of some sort
  • Albatross: can we change the wifi SSIDs to something that's easier to type ?