Member Meeting 8 August 2021


  1. Review Legal Status
    1. LLC filing
    2. IRS Filing for EIN
    3. Which bank to use
    4. Charles's email notification idea for transparency
  2. Can we use Crypto ?
  3. Pets / Animals


Present: Joe N.

         Rob Ristroph
         Icarus ( and A. )
         Charles Wyble
         Thelonius Trout


Rob outlines plan of filing LLC / IRS EIN number etc

Pets: Joe complained about cats, cleanliness, points out what he claims is cat feces and Thelonius disputes Discussion of yes / no binary pet policy and is that a good idea, or do we need a finer grade policy There should not be litters of cats should there should be maxium number of pets ?

Icarus: pets should be controlled and not unruly there should not be that many of them

Charles: concur with no pets from safety policy with chemicals, etc

Jerry: Maybe on thing is cat feces, other accusations are implied No body said anything to me about animals I will abstain from vote

Icarus in response to Jerry: I did bring up issues cat pooped on the stairs while we were both there, I also pointed out cat poop on a banister

Jerry: I have removed cats and this discussion doesn't involve me

Joe's second compliant -- overnight cars Vote on policy to not allow cars parked for more than 48 hours

Joe's third complaint -- body odor vote to post signage that you must have bathed today to enter this place

Voting proposals that resulted:

  • No more then 3 pets, they must be leashed and supervised
  • No vehicles to be parked at the space more than 48 hours
  • Policy requires that you must have bathed / showered today to enter the space, and we post signage to that effect

Longer after discussion on living at the space - Icarus raising the issue mainly. Will be on the agenda at next meeting, tentatively in two weeks time.