This is a small space with few members, doing a wide variety of activities, and it's hard to make rules anticipating all activities.

Your ability to do any particular activity is predicated on being able to do it safely and without impacting other members. If you can't find a safe way to do it, you can't do it. However if you talk to other members about your project, you will likely find that there are many options, for example other ways to achieve the same result or simply other locations where you can do something.

That said here are some general principals:

  • Always ask and discuss tool usage, or any unusual activity, with other members and get their input.
  • As an extension of that, avoid working alone if possible. If you are the only person in the space, don't use power tools. If you are going to use a power tool, and you are the only person in the shop, go upstairs and let one of the people there know -- also check if they are on the phone or a video call if your work will be noisy.
  • Never presume the status of any particular piece of equipment. If you have left the space since last using it, it should be inspected before you use it again.
  • Don't leave any sort of chemicals that would require special knowledge or handling at the space -- isopropol alcohol and WD-40 and similar are fine, but anything more exotic should be taken in and out with you.
  • Even for common things, we don't have storage for a lot of flammables.
  • Anything involving flame can't be done inside the building at all, you must go outside away from any building.
  • Similarly, anything that produces wood dust should be done outside. There are small tables with wheels that can roll outside the garage door for use outside and then brought back inside.
  • Clutter and disorganization multiplies any unsafe situation:
    • Don't leave material or objects blocking any pathway
    • Never leave the space with items on the shop floor or access to doors, fire extinquishers, the breaker box, etc blocked.
    • Do not leave items blocking or hindering passage through the main front door, or in front of the garage door.